Black- Buck Ballsy With Hole


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Black - Buck Ballsy With Hole.

Buck Joeys have an extra 4.5" added for a longer, single layer option to attach your Joey. Ideal for plus-size people who want to pack comfortably or for anyone who wants more control over where their Joey hangs.

*product image is a Classic Joey, Ballsy Joeys are 1" longer on bottom to support larger ball sacks

All Joeys are handmade by LGBTQ people in Canada who are paid a fair wage.

  • Cotton front, poly cotton lining
  • Moisture-wicking, antimicrobial polyester back
  • Locking head pin (nickel and plastic)
  • Hole is not elasticized – the elastic allows the hole to expand for loading
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry (remove pin before laundering)
  • Dimensions (approximate since Joeys are not factory-made)
    • Ballsy 4”x12.5”

Ballsy Joeys work well with packers that have an average shaft (1.5”-2” diameter), a ball sack that is 2” or longer (measured from the bottom of the shaft to the base of the packer), and heavier, denser packers such as the Juan, Large Mr. Right, large Doc J and others.

Some packers are prone to colour transfer.  This will not affect function at all. Wash your Joey before packing. GYJ is not responsible for wear on packers.

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